18:33 14-11-2011
I am looking for a female French Bulldog puppy. Do you still have one available?


15:54 14-11-2011
Ellen Ton en Billy
Heel veel sterkte
14:36 12-11-2011
Heel veel sterkte met het verlies van Enjoy.
13:28 12-11-2011
Jeetje ik schrik me rot...vreselijk
Ik wil je heel veel sterkte wensen met het overlijden van Enjoy....
Enjoy, rust zacht meisje

17:20 11-11-2011
Waaraan is enjoy overleden?
21:33 07-11-2011
trudy van driel

conny van harte met jullie nieuwe stekkie. wat een heerlijke plek lijkt me met de hondjes.

gr trudy/easy
00:15 03-11-2011
I wish you the very best of Luck there is to find and get at youre new place
13:39 01-11-2011
hey conny no thanks... i did it with love and always like it when i'm with your doggies and puppies... i will miss yah all... but i know i'm always welcome at youre new place... it looks really great and i'm sure al the dogs will enjoy it to... kisses and hugs ... Denice Faith Rebel
20:56 24-10-2011
Heey Conny,
Zijn weer prachtige puppies. Vooral de zwart bruin gestreepte. Leuke foto`s. Met Borus gaat alles goed. Hij is heel speels en luisterd ook goed. Zijn nu gestopt met de cursus.
Succes met de hondjes.
Groeten van Robin en Borus
23:15 15-10-2011
Supergreat litter :-D
Congratz to you all.
15:07 19-09-2011
yeah the great news is told... the codichefay's getting puppy's in october....
happy is gonna be a mom, and chudo is gonna be a dad for the first time...
can't wait... i'm so happy for the codichefay's... and there gonna get crazy from the puppy visit from me... but i can't help myself they make me addicted to french puppy's and doggies... love it... love and kisses Codichefay's excellent esprit My little Diva Faith... Rebel and the crazy woman xxxx
10:01 18-09-2011

Your Bully- Pictures at Facebook filled me with enthusiasm
And here:
A really pretty Website too
Many Greetz from Germany +
Congratulations for your super nice Bully-Crew :-)
09:42 14-09-2011

verry nice hp and wonderful dogs;-)
greetings from germany
22:03 02-09-2011
hey hello really like this page... evertime when i see all the pictures from all the doggies... really enjoy it... but there all so sweet and nice just like there owners... thanks for all the love and trust i get from you... kisse from the crazy woman little diva faith & rebeltje...
20:39 04-08-2011
Hello my Dear friends !!!
Thanks a lot for your very kind words )
But you are sooooo wonderful and we need to say again a big thank you for the beautiful time you spend with us in Cyprus !!!
Kisses to all !!!
Savvas-Danny Family and Frenchies !!!!
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